The art of botanical perfumery is rich in history, curiosities, and delightful surprises. Fire, earth, air, and, water. All of this is combined into botanical perfumery. The pleasure and beauty of an aroma can translate a vision in extraordinary ways. A scent has a truth yet is filled with imagination.

Heather M Bowes has gradually been shifting her storytelling ways from photography to small batch hand crafted perfumes.

"I have always used my photography to capture a moment, a memory, a place, or a feeling. I began to feel stifled and unable to translate my visions into a printed image as fully as I craved. I want people to feel something, to be transported to another moment or place in time." 

Challenging herself to remain authentic to natures ingredients, Heather continually asks herself "How is a scent born?" 

Heather combines art and alchemy to create hand blended limited selected perfumes. Embracing the beauty the earth gifts us, only authentic botanical essences are used in the creation process. The end result is steeped in luxury and elegance. 

Our Story